TNS Art Gallery

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our inaugural TNS Art Gallery! We were delighted to showcase a diverse array of artistic styles, including abstract art, photography, sculpture, cross-stitch, and more. Our students' creativity truly shone through, and we couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments. Special thanks to the STEAM (Science, Technology, [...]

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60 ways to keep your child engaged during COVID 19

With schools closing, events cancelled, and many companies urging employees to work from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, parents are facing an unexpected challenge. Since many of these closures overlap school March breaks, kids may not have homework to do — and even if they do, the lack of school and extracurricular activities [...]

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Montessori videos: “You Ask, We Answer”

The "They Ask, You Answer" Strategy: You may recall last year we had a film crew from Mazz Media visit the school to interview parents and document class activities. We planned these videos as a series to help address common questions about the Montessori method and its value for parents and students. The approach underlying [...]

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Film crew to visit The New School

On December 8 and 9, a film crew from Mazz Media will visit the school to develop a series of videos designed to answer the most common questions parents and other educators have about Montessori. Families who are unfamiliar with the philosophy may be intrigued about Montessori. They may have heard that it is a [...]

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Announcing the Sixth Annual Fall Festival

Our annual festival has become a fixture in the Holly Springs autumn calendar. We look forward to continuing this tradition by presenting our Soaring With Stories festival in the fall. This year is our sixth festival and we excited to invite parents, families and the public to enjoy another year of family-friendly events, rides, food [...]

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To the Rescue Fall Festival

When? Friday, October 26th Where? New School Montessori Center, Holly Springs Why? To provide our families with a fun evening, raise funds for the school, and to raise awareness for big cat conservation. Last year The New School Montessori Center hosted its first ever fall festival. We established a tradition in which the school celebrates, [...]

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Health Benefits of Outside Play

Phew, these North Carolina summers are hot! They're muggy, too, and in the evenings pesky critters want a piece of you. So it's understandable if your child wants to spend free time indoors and understandable if you want to let them. But in the long run, too much indoor time isn't good for your child. [...]

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