Mission and Philosophy

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Mission Statement

The mission of The New School is to provide an exceptional, holistic, and truly individualized educational experience combining the Montessori philosophy with the latest pedagogical research.

We seek to foster a joy of learning, independence, confidence, and creativity in each student with the goal of preparing him for a 21st-century globalized world. At the core of our mission, we believe that tapping into each child’s distinct skill sets, interests, and goals will enable him to meet future challenges with confidence.

School Philosophy

The purpose of The New School Montessori Center is to provide students with a strong educational foundation for future success. Such success arises from our programs that integrate rigorous academics with rewarding social development.

Our pedagogy relies on building a professional community rooted in the research of child development. The proof of the Montessori Method lies in its ability to respond to the complexity of the modern child, reinforced by its historical relevance. The Center seeks to act as a visible and responsive resource to its students, faculty, and fellow members of the Montessori community.

The guidelines that have evolved through the American Montessori Society and the Early Childhood Teacher Education committees of both that Society and the IAME (formerly MACTE) with its various evaluation processes provide the basis for our teaching standards and of our goals for students. These are augmented by effective strategies and further goals that have been realized by the core faculty in their cumulative years of teaching both adults and children.