Tuition Assistance

The New School is committed to providing as much assistance as possible to families in need. Below you can find options for financial assistance from government programs and from the school directly.

Government Scholarships

The NC Opportunity Scholarship, Disability Grant, and Educational Savings Account programs offer financial assistance for eligible children in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Opportunity Scholarship

Disabilities Grant

This program provides funding for eligible children who choose to attend a participating nonpublic school.

Participation is open to Kindergarten and First Grade students, or to older students who have spent the past year in a public school.

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The Disabilities Grant provides funding for school tuition. The grant may also cover expenses such as speech or occupational therapy or tutoring.

Note: Families are required to have an Individualized Education Plan dated within the past 3 years to apply.

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The New School Tuition Assistance

The school uses FAST (Independent School Management’s Financial Aid for School Tuition) to provide an independent and objective financial evaluation of a family’s ability to pay tuition.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Families with children applying to our Kindergarten, elementary, or middle school programs must first apply for one of the government scholarships listed above. Email verification of this application should be emailed to the school at
  • Families who do not qualify for government scholarships are still eligible to apply for the school’s tuition assistance program via FAST (see below).
  • Families who have received tuition assistance in the past must reapply each year.
  • Families with outstanding balances from a prior year must first request approval from the school before submitting a new application.

What Information Will I need to Apply?

Because this assistance is based on need, you will be asked for relevant financial information via an online application process. All requested information is strictly confidential.


The cost for this application is $45.00 payable to FAST and is non-refundable. FAST accepts most major credit cards.


Regardless of whether or not parents or guardians are living in the same household, both parents or guardians must submit their information for the application to be considered by the school.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for tuition assistance for the upcoming 2022 / 2023 school year is Friday, April 22, 2022. Applications received after this deadline may take a few months to be processed or be declined.

Late Applicants

Families who submit FAST applications after the April 22 deadline are required to agree to pay full tuition to enroll. If a late tuition assistance application is approved, the award will not be retroactive to any payments that have been made (or that are owed to the school) to maintain enrollment.

Assistance with Application

If you have any questions or problems with the application, please contact FAST directly:

Phone: 877-326-FAST (877-326-3278)


FAST Application Process

Applicants for our elementary and middle school programs should apply for the opportunity scholarship or disability voucher also prior to applying for our FAST tuition assistance.


Next, click on the icon below to complete the online application form provided by FAST (Independent School Management’s Financial Aid for School Tuition).

FAST Tuition Assistance Application
Please remember there is a $45 non-refundable fee for this application. Also important is ensuring both parents or guardians have submitted their individual financial data on the application form.

1. Mail your all required supporting documentation to FAST, not to the school. No determination can be made until FAST has received your documents.

2. If you have not already done so, complete and submit an Application for Admission form to the school. Please submit one form per child.

3. Make sure to submit all relevant paperwork or emails demonstrating a pending application for either the opportunity scholarship or disability grant (for Kindergarten and school-aged children) to the school.