Tuition Assistance

The New School is dedicated to offering support to families in need. Explore options for financial assistance from government-funded programs and directly from the school below.

NC Tuition Grants

There are two scholarship opportunities available to K-12 students via the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA).

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Application Deadline: March 1


ChildCare Aware

The school is a verified childcare provider for Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA). This organization helps active military families by providing child care fee assistance.

To determine eligibility and apply for this assistance, visit the CCAoA website by clicking on the image below, then select your branch of service for more information.

There are no annual deadlines associated with applying for assistance from CCAoA.

ChildCare Aware Logo

New School Tuition Assistance

The school employs ISM FAST to conduct an impartial evaluation of a family’s financial capacity to pay tuition. Click on the logo below to access a PDF user guide that will aid you in the FAST application process.

FAST Tuition Assistance Application

Tuition Assistance Application Process

  • All families are eligible to apply. Acceptance is based on financial need as determined by FAST and the availability of funds. The maximum discount for any program is 50%.

  • FAST Tuition Assistance covers Annual Childcare Plans but does not apply to late departure charges or any other non-tuition fees.

  • Families are required to apply for all eligible government-based grants, and verification of these applications should be emailed to before applying to FAST.

  • Both legal guardians must provide their information and financial data even if they are separated or divorced. The cost for the application is $53 per family payable to FAST.

  • Once the application is completed, make sure to send all required documentation directly to FAST (NOT the school).

  • Tuition assistance may be revoked retroactively if applicant fails to provide accurate information, has a delinquent account, or violates any of the school’s policies.

  • Families who receive tuition assistance from the school must be enrolled in an automated payment plan via ACH or credit card.

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FAST financial aid application image

If you have any questions or problems with your FAST application, please contact FAST directly:

Phone: 877-326-FAST (877-326-3278)


Our tuition assistance program relies on past grant funds and generous donations from our New School community. Click below to contribute to our tuition assistance fund, making it possible for children from diverse backgrounds to join our community!