When? Friday, October 26th
Where? New School Montessori Center, Holly Springs
Why? To provide our families with a fun evening, raise funds for the school, and to raise awareness for big cat conservation.

Last year The New School Montessori Center hosted its first ever fall festival. We established a tradition in which the school celebrates, with our community, a shared vision of the vibrant growth of our school and our town. The 2011 festival was a huge success. Not only did everyone enjoy a memorable evening of fun and entertainment, but we also used the proceeds from the event for important school improvements.

On Friday, October 26, 2012, we will be continuing our tradition as we host our second fall festival, “To the Rescue.” The festival will feature carnival game booths with prizes, bouncy houses, train rides, and performers such as magician Wayne Anderson and Across the Pond DJ, Kate Steiman. If you work up an appetite bobbing for apples, Barry’s Cafe will offer mouth-watering dishes hot from the grill. This local caterer gets rave reviews from customers not only for their food, but for their work supporting local fire departments. A great fit for our “to the rescue theme!” For the adults, we will also have several vendor booths representing local businesses to browse.

Part of the school’s mission is to foster a love of nature and a sense of individual and global responsibility in our children. What better ambassadors for such a life lesson than endangered big cats? We feel teaching them about issues such as endangered big cats and empowering them with the knowledge they can have an impact is an essential part of their development as global citizens.

Each class from Children’s House through elementary have selected a big cat from the top ten most endangered list to study and create a project based on their research. This research will be presented at our school’s booth at the festival.

In light of our theme, we are partnering with the Carolina Tiger Rescue. The Carolina Tiger Rescue is a local non-profit wildlife sanctuary located in Pittsboro dedicated to protecting large cats rescued from abandonment and abusive captivity. A percentage of our proceeds from the festival will go to help with CTR’s mission.

Our partnership is also great news for our sponsors and vendors. Now they will benefit not only from our marketing, but news of their support will reach CTR’s wide fan base of over 16,000 people in the area.

We really need your help to make this event a success. To become a sponsor, vendor, donor, or volunteer, please visit our fall festival sponsor page at: https://www.montessoricenter.org/community/fall-festival-3/fall-festival-sponsors.

See you at our festival!

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