We are happy to announce that our 2011 Summer School program will begin on June 6th and run for 10 weeks, ending on August 12th.

Each week of the summer schedule will be led by one or two certified teachers and either assistants or interns. The Children’s House Program this summer will include Ms. Jamila, Ms. Norly, Ms. Kit and Ms. Emma for varying amounts of time. The Infant and Toddler program will be run by Ms. Michelle and Ms. Sue. Please check back soon for confirmation of staffing schedules.

We are also considering the possibility of offering a summer elementary program. This program would focus on various themes such as physical education, chess, drama, music, etc. Before fully establishing the program, however, we would like to find out how many families are interested in this option. If you think you may be interested in an elementary summer program for your child, please email the school no later than April 10th.

Please click on the following link to download a copy of our Summer Information and Application form: Summer 2011

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