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Health Benefits of Outside Play

Phew, these North Carolina summers are hot! They're muggy too, and in the evenings pesky critters want a piece of you. So it's understandable if your child wants to spend free time indoors, and understandable if you want to let them. But in the long run, too much indoor time isn't good for your child. [...]

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Got mobile? Stay in touch on Twitter and SMS!

If you have a mobile device with texting you can stay in touch with The New School updates and news. You will get announcements and messages quicker than if we need to email or phone all parents. SMS is our web-based mobile messaging system. It is used primarily for urgent updates, since all parents may [...]

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Company’s founders talk about Montessori education

Most people who send their children to a Montessori school believe in the value of the Montessori system to provide a rich rewarding learning environment. So when Mr. and Mrs. Brin and Mr. and Mrs. Page sent their children to Montessori schools, perhaps they weren't surprised when their sons later went to college and then [...]

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