Campus Plan Update

We are thrilled to share an exciting discovery following the recent sewer construction at our school – a hidden clearing at the end of the newly-formed pathway! As we reached the termination point of the cleared pathway path, we uncovered not only a picturesque clearing but also several convenient access points to the shallow parts of our creek.

This newfound clearing is a breath of fresh air, offering a peaceful retreat for both students and faculty. With easy access to the creek, it opens up opportunities for educational exploration and nature-inspired activities. The creek, previously tucked away, is now easily reachable, providing a natural extension to our outdoor learning spaces.

Moreover, the cleared path itself holds much potential for nature trails and activities. Along its 1100-foot stretch, we now have multiple access points to areas of our property that were previously inaccessible offering the perfect opportunity to offer exciting trail-based activities. From constructing nature-inspired installations to integrating hands-on learning experiences, there are so many possibilities!

Published On: January 7th, 2024Views: 549