In the spirit of creativity, collaboration, and community, our enthusiastic MAP students embarked on an exciting venture to bring winter charm to their fellow students and New School families. The MAP students put their talents to work by crafting an array of delightful creations for a Winter Fare set to dazzle attendees.

These young artisans have been hard at work crafting an assortment of winter-themed items, such as wreaths, pine cone decorations, and toys for pets. From each handcrafted ornament to homemade treats such as aromatic salt scrubs, each piece reflects the unique personality and creativity of its maker.

The Winter Fare not only serves as a platform for these young artisans to showcase their talents but also as an opportunity to foster a sense of community while honing in on other essential business-related skills.

All proceeds from the crafts will go towards reinforcing the MAP field trip fund.

Thank you for your participation!

Published On: December 19th, 2023Views: 389