Our annual festival has become a fixture in the Holly Springs autumn calendar. We look forward to continuing this tradition by presenting our Go Galactic festival in the fall. This year is our seventh festival and we excited to invite parents, families and the public to enjoy another year of family-friendly events, rides, food and vendors.

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Check out the Festival webpages

The festival web pages include need-to-know information about the time and date, admission, access, and volunteer and sponsor opportunities.

General Information
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Sponsors and Vendors

When and where is the Festival?

On Friday, October 13th, 2017, we will be we hosting our seventh annual fall festival. As in previous years we will be holding our festival on Friday afternoon. Regular attendees will recall we focus on a theme each year to raise awareness about an important issue. This year’s theme is Go Galatic to highlight the role of space and space sciences to excite and inspire our inner explorer! The festival site is at the New School Montessori Center. Due to attendance levels, parking is in an adjacent property. Check out the General Information page for more information and directions.

What is the Festival?

The festival is first and foremost a fun-filled social event for our families. One parent commented, “Wow, this is better than the State Fair!” By which he meant our Festival is more neighborly and community-oriented, and packed with events and activities for children while being in safe, friendly surroundings.

Fall Festival 2015 check in staff

Fall Festival 2015 check in staff

This event is an opportunity for families and our local community to show their support of the school. It also gives older children volunteer opportunities that offer useful experience. Additionally, the festival raises visibility for the school within our local community.

We also use the festival to raise awareness for an important cause or issue. With this event we see the role of space in our lives and its ability to inspire childrens’ imaginations, creativity and love of learning. Part of the school’s mission is to foster a love of learning. Children benefit from learning about space at even the youngest ages, and its fascination will help to develop a wonder of the universe, and curiosity to investigate the unknown.

Features and Attractions

The festival attractions offer safe, fun and age-appropriate activities and entertainment including rides, bouncy house, demonstrations and a range of activities to promise a memorable event for families from toddlers to parents! Check out the General Information page for more information on the festival attractions.

Fall Festival Partners

Each year we partner with local business and organizations to promote a specific cause. We’re still working to secure an appropriate business or organization to feature as this year’s official Festival Partner. We will announce festival partners as information becomes available

Making this possible — We need your help!

Our festival’s popularity has grown dramatically over the past five years. The expanded news and advertising have provided our sponsors and vendors with exposure within our local community and beyond. The size and success of the event are made possible by the New School’s initial investment, so the festival simply cannot happen without your kind support.

The Fall Festival is made possible by parents, family, friends, volunteers and local businesses. We very much need your help to continue the Festival tradition for our school and the Holly Springs community. By becoming involved at any level, you will make a huge difference! We are very appreciative of any help you can give. Here’s how you can help:[su_list icon=”icon: angle-right” icon_color=”#59d8ff” class=”newbullets”]

[/su_list] Sponsors can choose to donate funds directly and receive significant benefits. Anyone who refers a sponsor will receive free festival entry and other benefits, depending on the levels of sponsorship. Please see the Sponsor & Vendor page for sponsor levels and how to sign up.

For more information

Please visit our Festival web page for up-to-date information on the festival, sponsorship, referral benefits, volunteer opportunities, and more. We’ll also post information on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much for your kind support, and we look forward to seeing you at Go Galactic!

new school montessori center fall festival 2014 bouncy houses games children families

View of the New School Celebration of the Seas 4th Annual Fall Festival in 2014. The school building is to the right of the picture.

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