Festival Tickets, Forms & Special Deals

Festival Tickets, Forms & Special Deals 2018-09-23T15:16:16-04:00

This is the Tickets page. Click the pictures below for other festival information!

Click the buttons to order entry wristbands or festival t-shirts.

About entry wristbands

Read below for information on buying wristbands including information on special deals! These serve as tickets for admission. Click above or look below for links to the order forms you will need for the festival. We will send payment information once you have completed the form. Please order your wristbands before October 6th.



Earn one free festival entry wristband for every 5 wristbands you purchase!


To make this festival a success, we need as many sponsors as possible. To thank our parents and others for successfully referring sponsors from local businesses, we offer free festival entry. You’ll also satisfy your volunteer hour requirements. Please see our Volunteers page for more details.

For sponsors who sign up and use your name as a referral, you will receive the following (based on the level of sponsorship):

  • Polar Bear Sponsor [$1,000] Free festival entry for a family of four and fulfilling all your volunteer hours for the year!
  • Orca Sponsor [$500] Free festival entry for three people
  • Reindeer Sponsor [$250] Free festival entry for two people
  • Snowy Owl Sponsor [$175] Free festival entry and drink for one
  • Penguin Sponsor [$150] Free festival entry for one
If you refer a business, please indicate this on your Wristband Order Form so that you can receive your benefit!


Parents who work before or during our festival will be able to use their time to offset their volunteer commitment. Please see our Volunteers page for more details.

As a special thank you for those who volunteer during our event between 4:00pm and 8:00pm, we are offering the following discounts:

  • One hour of volunteer time earns you a $5 discount off the entry wristband, costing only $9.00
  • Two hours of volunteer time = $6.00 entry wristband
  • Three hours of volunteer time = $3.00 entry wristband

Due to event costs, we are unable to offer any free wristbands in return for volunteer time. Also, please bear in mind that because the festival is open to the public, all adults and children MUST wear an entry wristband at all times to ensure security and safety.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the Arctic Blast Fall Festival.

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