Company’s founders talk about Montessori education

Company’s founders talk about Montessori education

Most people who send their children to a Montessori school believe in the value of the Montessori system to provide a rich, rewarding learning environment.

So when Mr. and Mrs. Brin and Mr. and Mrs. Page sent their children to Montessori schools, perhaps they weren’t surprised when their sons later went to college and then founded a business.

But they couldn’t have expected the astonishing success of their sons’ enterprises. It was only a few years after founding their company that Montessori graduates Sergey Brin and Larry Page went public. The value of their company today is more than $150 billion. The name of the company? Google.

These two videos feature interviews with Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page who highlight their Montessori experiences. Two key points:

  1. They credit their Montessori education more than anything (including Stanford University) for their later success.
  2. Their parents were willing to invest in their children’s education — an investment that paid off, no doubt, beyond their wildest dreams.

Google Founders Talk Montessori (Barbara Walters report)

Sergey Brin talks about his Montessori education

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