Volunteer Information

Recording Volunteer Time

Volunteer hours are recorded using the Track it Forward app.

Important: If you are a Classroom Representative or school employee, please don’t register for an account. You’re all set!

  1. Create an account by downloading the app at Track it Forward.
  2. Please create only one user account per family to reduce the fees to the school.
  3. Remember to record your hours as soon as possible to your activity to ensure full credit!
  4. Volunteer activity may be recorded via the phone app or via the form below.

Many thanks for investing your valuable time and energy in helping our classrooms and school excel!

Current Volunteer Needs

An active involvement in the school is one of the best ways to support your child’s classroom and the school in general!

Any and all help you can provide is very much appreciated and goes a long way to helping the school forward its mission to provide a wide variety of enriching experiences for our students.

We understand how hectic work schedules and other constraints may make volunteering at the school a difficult task. However, there are many ways to get involved. Please check out our current volunteer needs below for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities at School
  • Chaperone / drive on field trips
  • Help with outdoor learning environments
  • Marking and maintaining the school’s wooded trails
  • Assisting with class or playground supervision during teacher meetings
  • Assist with morning or afternoon carpool
Ideas for volunteering from home
  • Help a teacher put together a work or material for the classroom.
  • Make phone calls to arrange in-school field trips.
  • Purchase food for a classroom party or event.
  • Submit a blog post for the school’s website on a relevant topic.
  • Purchase supplies for school.
  • Assist with writing for grant applications.
  • Write a review for the school.

Volunteer Requirements

Families are asked to complete volunteer hours during the school year based on the number of children enrolled in the School. Families may either fulfill this obligation or pay $10 per hour of incomplete volunteer time at the end of the year.

Hour Requirements

1 child: 10 hours of volunteer time

2 children: 15 hours of volunteer time

3 children: 20 hours of volunteer time

4 children: 25 hours of volunteer time.