Need to know the latest news and updates at the school? Frustrated by lost pieces of paper with important news, deadlines, and updates? As part of our website rebuild, now all of our newsletters and important announcements are available for you to access at your leisure. No more worrying about missing events or deadlines!

While there is still some tweaking taking place, our school news page is up and running. You may have also noticed some quick links on the home page in addition to an important announcement bar. The calendar of events page is also a good way to keep up on upcoming events.

To further our goal of being as environmentally friendly as possible and to help cut down on costs, most of our newsletters are delivered by email. These are typically sent out once per month. The New School PTO is always very active in sending frequent updates via emails. Please keep your eyes open for these important newsletters.

As always, we welcome any feedback!

Published On: April 6th, 2012Views: 2400