The year 2014 not only marks The New School’s 30th Anniversary, it is also an important milestone in our history: the rebirth of the adolescent program.

Starting in the fall, our programs will expand to include middle school grades 7 through 9. Upper Elementary director Sheldon Clark will coordinate and implement an interdisciplinary and project-based curriculum designed to enhance students’ critical thinking, problem solving, communication, leadership, creativity, and innovation skills.

Drawing on the latest pedagogical research, the program incorporates key Montessori principles, while integrating North Carolina Core Curriculum. Use of the Montessori approach for the adolescent program is supported by research findings in educational psychology and neuroscience, including differentiated learning, multi-modality instruction, peer learning, and real-life applications.

Students will emerge from this program confident in their fast-approaching adulthood with the best possible preparation for the challenges of today’s learning and working environment.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new program!

Published On: February 2nd, 2014Views: 2894