For close to thirty years, The New School has celebrated International Night, an annual festival of culture and diversity.

At the beginning of each year, all of our classrooms from Children’s House to Elementary, select a country to study. During the entire year, the students study the culture, geography, and history of their selected countries.

On International Night, their classrooms are transformed by decorations, artifacts, music, food, costumes, research, artwork, and shows to represent and celebrate their chosen country.

Countries represented on International Night 2013 will include: France, Egypt, Russia, Austria, Germany, Turkey, and Israel. New this year, our toddler class will also be participating by representing Algeria.

Over the years we have seen this celebration grow and evolve into a spectacular event. Behind the festivities and celebration of International Night, however, lies the important message of tolerance, peace, and the interconnectivity we all share as global citizens. These themes provide the impetus for all of the activities and studies that the children engage in throughout the year.

Because of this festival’s popularity and limited space, this free event is open only to enrolled families, alumni, and faculty.

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