International Night 2020-02-13T14:34:40-05:00

Over 30 years ago, The New School organized its very first International Night event. The purpose was to celebrate the variety, complexity, and uniqueness of cultures from all over the world.

This purpose has grown to encompass peace curriculum topics and continues to promote tolerance, cultural sensitivity, and acceptance of individual differences. In celebrating these cultures, our children recognize and develop an appreciation not only for the geographical and cultural characteristics of other countries, but also for the diversity and similarities that we all share.

Each year the students, teachers, and volunteers go above and beyond to transform their classrooms into showcases celebrating the countries they have been studying all year.

This year you are being invited to visit Poland, Egypt, Greece, India, Peru, Scotland, Cuba, Germany, Jamaica, including a celebration of Native American culture! You will have the chance to taste traditional food, enjoy presentations, explore artifacts and students’ research, and listen to music representative of each country.

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