Please support the Upper Elementary holiday service project!

Dear Parents,

This year for the Upper Elementary holiday service project, we will be reading to raise money for Heifer International!

Heifer International is an organization that buys livestock for families in need. They teach the families how to take care of the animals and how to make money and food from their livestock.

We ask that you donate money to our classroom, and in return we will pledge to read a certain number of books per dollar. This year, $5 you donate is worth one book read. We will only donate the money we earn by reading. Our goal this year is to raise $1,000. This project started 11/23/15 and ends on 2/26/16, or until we read all the books required to “earn” the donation goal. Our class will be also doing annotated bibliographies, graphic narrations, book reports, chapter by chapter narrations, and other group work to support our reading.

Once we reach or exceed our goal, our class will vote on and choose the animals to buy for a family.

Please click the Heifer International graphic to reach the PayPal page to make a donation. Thank you very much for reading this.


Ava Langaker
Amelie Harwell

Upper Elementary
The New School Montessori Center

P.S. Or if you prefer, just click the PayPal “Donate” button below. Thanks again!