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Our Toddler Program, for ages two to three years, provides an individualized and developmentally-appropriate program that is designed to enhance each child’s natural love of learning, independence, and self-discipline. Our approach promotes and optimizes the intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development of each child.

Toddler Environment

Central to the Montessori philosophy is the notion that young children possess an innate drive to explore and learn about their world through systematically and purposefully investigating their environment.

Our carefully arranged environment and Montessori materials cultivate the toddler’s curious and independent nature, supporting their intrinsic quest for autonomy.

With toddler-sized furniture and a full complement of Montessori materials, our environment speaks to the child’s need for discovery. The quintessential toddler questions of “What is this, what does it do, and how can I use it?” are answered as they manipulate the various materials.



The activities offered are suited for the needs, interests, and capabilities of very young children. The pace is unhurried, and the children are provided the opportunity to be occupied with an activity for an uninterrupted period of time. When a child is ready for a new activity, a teacher is ready to give attention to that child.

Our program features several Montessori-based elements including:

  • Language Development
  • Grace and Courtesy
  • Number Sense
  • Practical Life Including Potty Training
  • Development of Social and Emotional Skills
  • Preschool Preparation
  • Music and Movement

As teachers observe each child’s development, the child is subtly and strategically enticed or guided toward progressively more complex materials and skills.


Just prior to two years of age, children begin making great strides toward independence. Children of this age must orient themselves in an unfamiliar world and establish a sense of trust in their surroundings. They need stimulation, logical limits, flexibility, and support.

  • We aim to cultivate the toddler’s curious and independent nature while supporting the intrinsic quest for autonomy.
  • We seek to connect your child to the environment and to serve as a guide to self-discovery.
  • We focus on the whole child and promote intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development.
  • We provide opportunities to develop new friendships and to interact with adults in a loving and nurturing environment.
  • We provide age-appropriate Montessori materials that support the child’s developmental interests and needs.
  • All activities emphasize active engagement and are suited to the capabilities of the very young child. Our toddler program aims to foster early life skills, good learning habits, independence, language development, motor control, social development, constructive conflict resolution, respect for the environment, and a positive attitude toward school and learning.


Modified Schedule

In response to health concerns caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the school is temporarily closed.

Our anticipated opening date is May 18. Please visit the headings below for more information.

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Prospective Families
We are currently offering tours via phone and Zoom conference. Please email us at or call (919) 303-3636 between 9am and 1pm to arrange a time!

We look forward to seeing everyone in person soon!

The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, “The children are working as if I did not exist.” – Dr. Maria Montessori