Summer 2021

Our pre-school summer program is open to all current students or enrollees and school alumni. Pre-elementary children enrolled in five-day per week schedules can choose to attend anywhere from four to all eight weeks of the summer program, whereas partial-week schedules pay for the full eight weeks of our summer schedule.

Elementary students may select between one and all eight weeks. Elementary summer camps are also open to the public based on referrals from our New School families.

Join us for some summer fun this year!

Summer at a Glance

  • Summer session begins: June 21
  • Summer session ends: Aug 13
  • Duration: Eight Weeks
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Tuition Rates for Five-Day Summer Schedules

Half-Day $250 / week $225 / week $185 / week $205 / week
Full-Day $360 / week $325 / week $290 / week $325 / week

Tuition Rates for Summer Partial-week Schedules

Partial-week / Two-Day Schedules

(Mon and Tues)


Partial-week / Three-Day Schedules

(Wed, Thurs, and Fri)


Additional Information
  • Please note that additional fees may apply for all programs based on field trips or other enhancement activities.
  • After-school will be offered between 4:30pm and 5:30pm and will be a flat rate of $10 per day for any after-school time used.
  • The childcare charge for additional time after noon for half-day programs is $1 per minute.

Chess Camp

Week One: June 21 – 25

Coach Jonathan

Purpose of the camp:  To learn and improve at chess through lessons and games, and to prepare for and participate in tournaments.

Looking to take your child’s chess ability to the next level? Then come join us for all things chess this summer! In addition to at one time being the third youngest international chess champion in the U.S., Coach Jonathan also holds the record for winning the NC state championship the most times (in 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2009).

You Art What You Eat!

Week Two: June 28 – July 2

Ms. Alli

This week’s camp is all about both art and food and sometimes an interesting combination of the two! We’ll focus on creating whimsical art including tackling a self-portrait project inspired by the late Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. And how about some fun, but creatively artistic, food crafting like edible fruit arrangements, abstract dessert pizzas, or delectable flower designs?

Are you familiar with the wildly popular Netflix show called Nailed It? We’ll attempt our version of their challenges using pumpkin carving kits and various child-safe tools to shape fruits and veggies into beautiful “museum-worthy” sculptures. And on Friday, we’ll showcase all the masterpieces created throughout the week and send home a slideshow to share with the whole family! But you’ll be “tastefully” enjoying all your many projects all throughout the week!

“Artrageous” Camp

Week Three: July 5 – 9

Ms. Anna

This week will be filled with art lessons, games, stories, music, activities, and tons of smiles, laughs and FUN! The shining star of this week will include individual experiences working with a real pottery wheel. Don’t miss it!

Science Matters!

Week Four: July 12 – 16

Ms. Anna

Do you like slime?  How about making a soda bottle into a geyser?  Did you know an egg can be turned into a geode? Did you ever see a raisin dancing?  Well, get ready!

This week will be filled with fizzy, gooey, colorful, and astounding experiments sure to have you on the edge of your seats.  Come dressed to make a mess and have fun!

Bienvenidos a Spanish Immersion Camp!

Week Five: July 19 – 23

Ms. Andrea

This week we are going to talk, play, and dance in Spanish!

If you were ever wondering how it must be to travel to a place where you do not speak the language, come to week 5 with Ms. Andrea! Be ready to meet and interview people from Spanish countries — en Español!

Globetrotting Adventure

Week Six: July 26 – 30

Ms. Andrea

On this week #6, we will explore different countries around the world! Let’s have our own International Week, and eat new foods, learn fun facts and new words, listen to music, and have lots of fun “traveling” the globe together!

We will create our own story like Indiana Jones did — from the exotic desert to the Caribbean Islands! Just come to camp with an open mind and have your passports ready!

Creative Cryptography

Week Seven / Aug 2 – 6

Ms. Lisa

Have you ever wanted to be a super secret spy??   Snoop like a sneaky sleuth???  Would you like to learn how to write AND decipher secret codes?

Using logic, mathematical formulas, letters, and symbols, we’ll immerse ourselves in the world of hidden messages, codes, puzzles, and create some thrilling spy adventures to test our skills on. Scavenger hunts are on our agenda as well as we make our own “loot” to go to the winner(s) at week’s end. So put on your own best code-breaking face and come ready to crack your friends’ codes and see if they can crack yours!

No Llamas — Bring the Drama!

Week Eight / Aug 9 – 13

Ms. Lisa

Bring on the shenanigans! Get hyped for the hands-on hijinks! That’s the plan for this final camp week, because we’re saving the best for last! Team building is the goal as we create our own folk tale characters and script to perform on the last day of camp.

With the soon-to-be-completed, new outdoor amphitheatre seating just outside the front office, our 2021 TNS Drama Troupe will perform its original production using themselves, some newly-acquired puppetry skills, along with a mixed bag of crafted props from our collaborative team-strengthening exercises learned all week. So be sure to enroll today for a uniquely entertaining five days of  performing and show-stopping fun!

Play Ball!

Week One: June 21 – 25

Ms. Lina & Ms. Jessica

Do you have a budding athlete who loves nothing more than to kick or throw a ball around? Are your evenings and weekends spent chasing those balls around various athletic fields?? Then this club’s for all 3 to 6-year-olds who live for ball play!

Let them try their hand at a new sport or brush up their starter skills! This week’s camp starts appropriately on the longest day of the year and will focus on basic skills and fun drills for some of their favorite sports like soccer, football, t-ball and kickball! Toward the end of the week will be a special sports-related movie, and on Friday, it’s “Choose Your Game!” Day. Join your other ball-loving friends at the first week of summer camp called “Play Ball!”


Week Two: June 28 – July 2

Ms. Lina & Ms. Jessica

This second week of summer camp will be a chance to copy the masters! Let your little artists immerse themselves in a plethora of mediums to express themselves creatively on paper.

If you have a mini-Rembrandt or Renoir in your house, or one that wants to be, come explore the materials that famous artists utilized in extraordinary new ways! Splatter paint like Jackson Pollock, “shape up” artwork like Joan Miro and Picasso, and abstract renderings like Wassily Kandinsky using a rainbow of paints, chalks, watercolors (maybe even on Water Day) and more!

Stay tuned to find out what art-themed movie will be featured to top of the colorful week of artistic expression!

Animal Planet Exploration

Week Three: July 5 – 9

Ms. Melody and Ms. Jessica

Well, actually, a whole lot more than that! Get ready for one wild and crazy week as we dive into the beautiful animal kingdoms from land and sea!

We’ll explore our favorite spined and spineless creatures of the world. We’ll learn about insects, slugs, mammals, reptiles, birds and fish as we make 3D paper-brad creatures, lots of tempura paints and watercolors, tracing paper projects,  and so much more to let our imaginations run wild!

Old MacDonald’s Farm & Garden

Week Four: July 12 – 16

Ms. Laurel, Ms. Iris, and Ms. Jessica

Join us for an eco-friendly week of planting tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and all things “salad” as we learn about organic gardening. We’ll be setting up our own rain barrel just for our camp garden. And did you know the water cycle has a catchy song written all about its evaporation-condensation-precipitation process? We’ll learn that, too!

Are you crazy about those BIG FARM TOOLS, like tractors, combines, and sprayers?? We’ll be getting our hands on some models and our eyes on some videos to bring them up close and personal! We’re also working on getting a petting zoo to come for a day (COVID-depending). And at the end of summer when the garden is ready for harvesting, we’ll top off our Old MacDonald experience with a Farmer’s Market for all to enjoy!

So don’t forget to wear your sunblock and bring your sunglasses for all of our outdoor adventures and sign up today!

“Sea” You at the Beach!

Week Five: July 19 – 23

Ms. Laurel, Ms. Iris, and Ms. Jessica

Join us for our week at the “beach”! We’ll sing beach-themed songs (like “Baby Shark”), paint with beach balls, make sand-and-glue footprints, create watercolor-salt pictures, and even design tie-dye ocean waves on tee-shirts! So please bring in a white shirt on Monday for that and a wide-mouthed jar (VOSS bottles or baby food jars are perfect!) to make an “ocean in a bottle”!

And feel free to bring in family beach trip pictures and shells for show-and-tell and/or sea shells to share or paint to take home or to decorate our patios and trails.

Wednesday is Water Day, and all week we’ll get wet or sandy or messy with paint, dye, or glue, so please bring along extra clothes to change into, just in case! And we’ll “sea” you at the beach!

Space – The Final Frontier

Week Six: July 26 – 30

Ms. Laurel, Ms. Iris, and Ms. Jessica

It’s time to explore the universe, and the International Space Station is a perfect place to start the journey! First, we’ll get familiar with those far-out living quarters and how astronauts from around the globe communicate, live and work together in orbit around Earth.

Then we’ll begin to investigate our solar system (and Mars especially). Using Montessori-method cards, books, and small models, we’ll get to know our nearest neighbors and find out what makes them “tick!” And we’ll learn all about those brave astronauts, and amazing space shuttles and rockets that explore them. We may even build our own!

But have you ever seen a car get launched into the outer limits other than in a sci-fi movie? Well, you will at TNS! We’ll watch Space X shoot the first “manned” production vehicle into space (an electric Tesla Roadster) and head it toward the sun!

The week’s highlight will be our chance to defy gravity ourselves like all the space travelers we’ll be learning about. So join us for an afternoon romp with a special treat — a bouncy house and slide (mandate permitting)! So make sure you sign up today for a week that’s “out of this world”!

Geology Rocks!

Week Seven / Aug 2 – 6

Ms. Laurel, Ms. Iris, and Ms. Jessica

How would you like to get the chance to build a gigantic volcano out of papier-mache, paint it, adorn it with environmental embellishments, and then watch her “blow her top” at the end of the week?? Or hunting for rocks along hilly, woodsy nature trails to identify them? Or digging for buried gems and birthstones? If you join us for “Geology Rocks!” week, you’ll do just that and a whole lot more!

We will be learning about rocks, minerals and fossils, the layers of the earth, and the rock cycle. We’ll have fun with art projects like rock-stamping and painting trail markers, too. And just for fun, we will also watch Journey to the Center of the Earth or Moana to really “rock” the end of this awesome week!

End-of-Summer Shenanigans

Week Eight / Aug 9 – 13

Ms. Melody and Ms. Jessica

Every day of summer is special, but THIS particular week is destined to be the season’s best! Why shenanigans?? Because each day of this last week of summer camp will feature a different, fun theme to fire up the imagination and get all those wiggles out before school starts in a couple of weeks!

Like Playdough Day (make-and-take-home your very own Playdough material), Costume Day (comes dressed as your favorite hero or character for the day), Waterplay Day (using the joy of water in every way possible), Obstacle Day (challenging yourself to outdoor activities conquering obstacles along the way), and if possible, a Make-A-Snack-Together Day! Just downright fun and silly shenanigans all week to celebrate bringing the summer of ’21 to a spectacular close!

Our Nido and Early Years Summer Program provides a continued Montessori experience in addition to introducing a variety of summer-related activities.

Similar to our Children’s House Summer Program, we organize weekly water days for the toddlers, fun art activities, and in-house field trip experiences.

Parents can find out more about weekly activities, enjoy seeing class and individual summer photos, and touch base with the summer teachers via Brightwheel and MemberHub accounts.

Our summer teachers also send weekly emails with updates on the following week’s events in addition to an overall list of what supplies to provide for your child.

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