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Summer Camp programs for 2017 have now concluded. Thank you for your interest!

Summer 2017

Our Summer 2017 program runs from June 12 to August 18. Please visit the tabs below to learn more about each summer program. Make sure to sign up early, as classes fill up quickly!

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Summer Tuition and Fees Information


Our Infant and Toddler Summer Program provides a continued Montessori experience in addition to introducing a variety of summer-related activities.

Similar to our Children’s House Summer Program, we organize weekly water days for the toddlers, fun art activities, and in-house field trip experiences.

Parents can find out more about weekly activities, enjoy seeing class and individual summer photos, and touch base with the summer teachers via MemberHub.

Our summer teachers also send weekly emails with updates on the following week’s events in addition to an overall list of what supplies to provide for your child.

Our Children’s House Summer Program is structured around our standard Montessori curriculum with a rotation of themed activities and fun events. It is also an excellent opportunity to prepare your kindergarten student, who will joining our elementary program in the fall, with extra practice in various academic areas.

Below are the themes for each week in CH summer camp. Additional activities include in-house field trips, water days, special art programs, botany, and much more.

Bloom’n June

Week One (June 12 – June 16)
If you’re seeking summer camp options for your child, consider cultivating their interest in gardening and plants. Activities will include planting annuals, painting with flowers, science experiments, and an in-house field trip.

Under the Sea

Week Two (June 19 – June 23)
Ever wonder how large a Great White Shark really is? Well, join us for a week of everything Oceans! Children will enjoy arts and crafts projects, an in house presentation of Oceans from Science for Fun, water activities, and perhaps some close encounters with hermit crabs!

Down on the Farm

Week Three (June 26 – June 30)
Come join us for a week of farm fun! Children will “milk” a cow, enjoy arts and crafts, learn about what animals live on the farm, and what fruits and vegetables are grown here. There will also be a possible visiting field trip this week.

Let Freedom Ring

Week Four (July 3 – July 7)
Join us for a week of four days of Fourth of July celebrations! Children will learn about Independence Day, make fun crafts, enjoy tasty patriotic treats, and enjoy lots of backyard games.

The Five Senses

Week Five (July 10 – July 14)
This is a week of exploration. Children will explore their world through their five senses. Activities will include taste tests, sensory bins, arts and crafts, and water play.

Life on the Plains

Week Six (July 17 – July 21)
Children will enjoy a week of learning how to live “On the Great Plains.” Activities will include sewing and knitting, cooking, arts and crafts, simple farming work, lifestyle of the plains families in the early 1800’s, animals that roamed the plains, and an in-house presenter.

Creepy Crawlies

Week Seven (July 24 – July 28)
In this camp students will enjoy all creatures that creep and crawl, leave behind slime trails, live in the dirt, and insects that fly. Activities will include learning what classifies an insect, learn about different bugs, arts and crafts, a bug hunt, water play, and an in-house presentation.

Little Artists

Week Eight (July 31 – Aug 4)
Children will enjoy learning about famous artists, and techniques to help create famous master pieces. Children will create their own master pieces using a variety of techniques. A field trip to the Art museum TBD.

All Things Art

Week Nine (Aug 7 – Aug 11)
Children will enjoy arts and crafts through a variety of mediums. Activities will include clay, sculptures, painting, drawing, and scarp collages.

Out of this World

Week Ten (Aug 14 – Aug 18)
Children will enjoy a week of learning about the solar system, constellations, and exploring Outer Space. Activities will include learning about planets and their moons, learning fun and easy to find constellations, arts and crafts, learning about space exploration, water play, and a field trip.

Because of limited enrollment and high demand, we first offer placement to families who enroll in our five-day summer program (either half or full day). There is a minimum of four weeks enrollment to be eligible to attend during the summer. Once the enrollment period ends, we will offer any additional spaces to families requesting partial-week schedules (two, three or four days).

The elementary and middle school-aged summer program consists of ten individual camps with popular and engaging themes. These camps are available to all current and former students. In addition, we also welcome siblings of younger students to join us for some summer fun!

Chess and Tennis

Week One (June 12 – June 16)
Join us for a week of fun and games! Mornings will begin with tennis instruction, learning basic techniques and practicing with friends. Chess instruction for new learners, as well as, advanced players. If numbers allow it, we will have a chess tournament on Friday, June 16th. Students can end the day practicing their tennis skills. *Note: students may be dropped off at the school if they are not interested in participating in the tennis instruction.


Week Two (June 19 – June 23)
Students will enjoy a week of all things Pokemon! Campers will battle with cards, swap cards, enjoy arts and crafts projects, and will take two field trips to “catch” Pokemon characters while playing Pokemon Go.


Week Three (June 26 – June 30)
Students will learn building basics via game play. Minecraft teaches students practical math skills, engineering concepts, builds collaboration with others, and helps with conflict resolution. This camp is a safe and fun way to learn Minecraft basics, and to also allow those already planning to build on their skills.

Just “Four Fun”

Week Four (July 3 – July 7)
Campers will enjoy four days of fourth oh July fun with a fun filled, field-trip packed week. Possible trips include: bowling, ice skating, Defy gravity, Adventure Landing, Rock-Climbing, and more.

Lego Engineering

Week Five (July 10 – July 14)
A Lego camp will be provided through Playwell Tek (the same company that do our after school programs). Programming selection TBD, possibilities are Aerospace Engineering or Art and Architecture.

A Stitch in Time

Week Six (July 17 – July 21)
In this camp, students will learn the basics of sewing with a needle and thread before progressing to the sewing machine. Projects are TBD, however, past sewing projects were bean bags, backpacks, water bottle holders, pillow cases, and Pajama bottoms. All levels of sewing can be accommodated in this class. For those who have a sewing machine, please plan on bringing for this class.

Cowboy Camp

Week Seven (July 24 – July 28)
In this camp kids will learn all about living like a cowboy. Activities will include lasso work, how to square dance, the fine art of story – telling, cooking, arts and crafts, and using a harmonica.

Creative Cooking

Week Eight (July 31 – Aug 4)
Campers will enjoy of week of culinary basics. Each day students will prepare, cook, and eat different foods. Cookbooks will be made and brought home at the end of the week for students to use after the week is over. Additionally, campers will learn health and nutrition facts to use when helping to plan meals outside of the camp.

Harry Potter

Week Nine (Aug 7 – Aug 11)
Students will enjoy all things Harry Potter this week. Activities will include playing Quidditch, a Sorcerer’s Stone scavenger hunt, arts and crafts, taste tests, and lots of fun games.

First in Flight

Week Ten (Aug 14 – Aug 18)
Students will learn how planes and helicopters fly, what makes a rocket blast, and the NC brothers that made flying a reality. Campers will work in groups to build gliders, parachutes, and planes. They will build and launch bottle rockets, and learn how astronauts return safely to earth. Students will collaborate on projects to determine if the “machines” will actually fly.