This year’s International Day celebration was a big hit! Our goal for this event is to spread awareness of other traditions, food, celebrations and more. Our activities and research on each country also promotes acceptance and tolerance for different cultures.

From France to Djibouti, halls and rooms were filled with colorful arts and crafts, tempting culinary fragrances, and music from around the world! Every room was abuzz at lunchtime.

You could see rookie chopsticks users attacking noodles in Japan (CH2) and an Egyptian buffet of falafels, rice pudding, and hummus (CH3). France saw cheese and cold cuts, baguettes, and melt-in-your-mouth macarons (LE2). And the “Brazo De Reina” dulce de leche cake in Chile (UE) was remarkable!

As for an immersive experience, Egypt had a pyramid in the reading corner complete with pillows to read all about the pharaohs. Students did research and oral reports on everything Egyptian like the Great Sphinx, mummies, period clothing, Queen Nefertiti, and the Pyramid of Giza. All friends wrote their names using hieroglyphs, made art projects of mummies, golden necklaces, flags, as well as clay pyramids. They also danced to “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles.

For Chile, there was also a live performance of the student-created play about Chilean fish, their vital functions, and fish friendships. Greece, of course enjoyed a traditional Greek line dance as a whole classroom. Australia also enjoyed a group activity, accompanied by a 6ft kangaroo made by our music teacher, Mr. David.

So those countries plus Djibouti and South Korea made this an International Day to remember!

Published On: April 1st, 2023Views: 649