Fall Festival Information

Our “To the Rescue” Fall Festival is an evening of celebration for our families and the general public. This year, we also have a focus on raising awareness and funds to support big cat conservation.

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You can now order your entry wristband, raffle tickets, food, and T-shirts via PayPal. To take advantage of this option, add up the total cost of your purchase, and process it using the PayPal link below. Make sure to list the items you ordered in the comments section or as a separate email to info@montessoricenter.org.

You can also make a donation to help us raise funds to pay our volunteer meals or to help us meet our fundraising goal. Please note that donations are tax-deductible.

To make this event as successful as last year, we need your help! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this event and benefitting from free advertising and other offers, please click here for more information and contact our fall festival committee at info@montessoricenter.org.

General Information

Date: Friday, October 26th
Time: 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Entry Fees
Children under 2 years old – free
Children ages 2 to 18 – $12.00
Adults (ages 18+) – $6.00

Location and Parking

We are happy to announce we will be holding the festival at the school this year. Thanks to our wonderful neighbor located at 5555 Sunset Lake Road, parking will be close by. There will be a roped walkway to guide you to the school.

Please read below for more details.

Food and Drink

Food will be provided by Barry’s Cafe. The menu is listed below. We will also have drinks available at $1.00 per bottle (sodas and water). For dessert, you can satisfy your sweet tooth at our bake sale, with refreshing snow cones, or popcorn.

Dinner: Child – $6.00 / Adult – $8.00
Starbucks: – $TBD

Festival Tickets

To enter our festival, everyone aged 2 and older (including adults) will need to purchase a wristband. The wristband will allow access to all of the main activities and events at the festival. We will have a mini ferris wheel at the festival that will require separate tickets.

Children’s wristbands (ages 2 to 18) cost $12.00 per child. Since adults are not likely to be quite as active on most of the rides, the adult entry wristband is $6.00 per person. Even though our adult visitors may not be riding on quite as many of the rides, there is still much to enjoy (in addition to watching your children having a blast!) We are planning a great line-up of vendor booths, a live DJ, magician, and much more!

Early Bird Specials

Order your tickets before October 19th and receive a dollar off all children’s and adults wristbands! Please click here to order yours: Fall Festival Wristband Order Form.

Raffle Tickets

We have some spectacular prizes for our raffle table this year. The raffle prizes are divided into 3 tiers. Also, remember to ask about our $30, $40, and $50 raffle packets with some free tickets included.

  • Jaguar Prizes
    We have a small selection of top tier prizes including a Nintendo 3D System, Husky storage Draws, a giant FAO Schwartz stuffed tiger, and an Apple iPod Touch. We are expecting a few more prized to be added shortly! Ticket prices (white colored tickets) for our Jaguar prizes are $5.00 each.
  • Cheetah Prizes
    Our cheetah selection includes a Razor Scooter, Geo Trax train tracks, and more. Our cheetah ticket prices (yellow colored tickets) are $3.00 each.
  • Tiger Prizes
    We will have a wide selection of Tiger prizes. Gift certificates, baskets, toys, etc., (blue colored tickets) are $1.00 each.


Our official festival shirt comes in a variety of sizes. All shirts cost $10.00 apart from the ladies cut, which is $11.00. We will post an online order form shortly.


This year there is no need to purchase tickets to revisit the events and rides. Your entry wristbands will allow endless participation on most of the rides and games!

To help you plan ahead, there will be some events or booths that will require cash or checks including: bake sale (for desert at the festival or to bring home), drinks, Starbucks coffee, raffle tickets (you can also pre-purchase these), PTO booth, and carnival booth or tickets for special ride.

For more information on the specific events and attractions planned for our festival, please visit the Festival Events page.


Our current needs for volunteer help include the following:

  • Become a sponsor for our event or help find sponsors
  • Volunteer to help for an hour or more at the festival
  • Loan folding tables and chairs for the dining area
  • Purchase a vendor booth or help find businesses interested in having a booth at the event
  • Donate large item(s) for raffle
  • Donate small prizes (stickers, etc) for game prizes

Please email us at info@montessoricenter.org or click here to help with any of the above.

One of the monster slides at the festival


Ticket and food sales alone are not enough to cover the cost of our festival. We need help from you by becoming a sponsor or helping to solicit sponsorships from local businesses. Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors from last year who, through their generosity, made our event a huge success.

This year, we have even more great benefits with which to thank our sponsors. Please download our Fall Festival Sponsorship Packet for more information on the sponsorship benefits, or visit our sponsorship page.

To become a sponsor, please download the participation form and submit it to the school or email your interest to info@montessoricenter.org.

Thank you in advance to all those who will sponsor our festival this year!

Vendor and Marketing Booths

Carnival game with prizes

We will also be selling booth space to local businesses.

There are two booth options. Vendor booths are intended for those who will be selling or taking orders for products or services. Marketing booths are for those who are simply distributing marketing information about their business.

Vendor Booth: $100
Marketing Booth: $50

All booth operators are responsible to bring their own supplies, tables, etc. For those interested in applying for a vendor booth, please submit the participation form or contact the school at info@montessoricenter.org

Barry’s Cafe Festival Dinner

Barry’s Cafe will be “coming to the rescue” with perfect festival food this year! Located in Raleigh, this family owned restaurant is well known for its amazing food and home cooking atmosphere. Owner Barry Doyle is founder of the nonprofit organization called Feed the Firefighters, which helps emergency personnel and firefighters during times of crisis. For added interest, his catering service is provided out of a fire truck!

The adult meal ($8.00 per plate) consists of two choices of any of the following main items including cole slaw and chips.

The child’s meal option ($6.00 per plate) is available to children ages 10 or below. Each child’s plate will have one of the main items below including cole slaw and chips.

Barry’s cafe will provide free condiments, plates, and napkins.


  • Carolina BBQ, cole slaw, and chips
  • Hot Dog, cole slaw, and chips
  • Cheeseburger/Hamburger, cole slaw, and chips
  • Veggie Burger, cole slaw, and chips


Drinks will be sold separately. We will have bottled water, coca-cola products, and juices available for $1.00 each.
Also, as a wonderful pick-me-up, we will be offering Starbucks coffee (price to be determined).


The festival could not happen without the many volunteers who are involved in planning, organizing, and supervising the event. We would like to thank and acknowledge the following for their support of our festival!

Volunteer Sign-Ups

Please click on the following link to schedule your volunteer time:
Volunteer Sign-Up

Or, please click here to sign-up to bring an item:
Sign-Up “Wish List”

Event Supervision

Many thanks to the Apex High School Key Club who were the first to commit to helping us during the festival! We are so grateful to them for their diligence and commitment to helping with our event.

This Year’s Theme

Big cats are among the world’s most endangered species, and children of all ages are fascinated by these charismatic and majestic animals. Yet, how many of our children really know just how endangered these animals are becoming? And how many of these big cats will still be with us when these children grow up?

Part of the school’s mission is to foster a love of nature and a sense of individual and global responsibility in our children. We feel teaching them about issues such as endangered big cats and empowering them with the knowledge they can have an impact is an essential part of their development as global citizens.

Each class from Children’s House through elementary have selected a big cat from the top ten most endangered list to study and create a project based on their research. This research will be presented at our school’s booth at the festival. Also, our elementary students will be visiting the Carolina Tiger Rescue as a field trip at the end of September.

In light of our theme, our “To the Rescue” festival is partnering with the Carolina Tiger Rescue and will be donating a small percentage of our proceeds from the festival to help with their mission. The Carolina Tiger Rescue is a local non-profit wildlife sanctuary located in Pittsboro dedicated to protecting large cats rescued from abandonment and abusive captivity.

Festival Goals

The New School Montessori Center is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.
All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Contributions will support The New School Montessori Center in the following areas:

  • Provide additional funds for enhancement materials and programs
  • To enhance our science curriculum and support our spring science exhibition
  • Support expansion plans into middle school
  • To help the school continue to provide scholarships for families in need
  • Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Carolina Tiger Rescue

Last Update: October 24, 2012


Below is a map showing the festival parking. The red line is a driveway for cars to access the field. We will have parking attendants at the festival, and there will be an obvious walkway to the school from this parking area.

The walk from the parking is not as far as it may look on the photograph. For those who wish to let their children out of the car near the school as opposed to walking, we will have a drop off zone in our parking lot. Please make sure your child is left with an adult while the other adult is parking.

Thank you to our main sponsors…

We owe a debt of gratitude to these following sponsors for their jaguar level support of $1,000 and our Cheetah level sponsors of $500!

Jaguar Level

Please click on the following logos to visit our Jaguar Level sponsors.

Cheetah Level

Please click on the following logos to visit our Cheetah Level sponsors.