As a parent you are an essential part of our Montessori community. An active involvement in the school is one of the best ways to support your child’s classroom and the school in general. Any and all help you can provide is very much appreciated and goes a long way to helping the school forward its mission to provide a quality education and wide variety of experiences for your children.

There are many ways to get involved. We understand how hectic work schedules and other constraints may make volunteering at the school a difficult task. To help with this, we have added volunteer ideas to our list below that can be completed without needing to visit the school during the day.

General Needs

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General Volunteer Needs

Below is a list of our general, year-round needs for parents looking to help out at the school or at home.


Ideas for volunteering at school:

    • Listen to children read (ages 3 to 9).
    • Chaperone / drive on field trips (ages 3 to 9).
    • File parent folders on Mondays or Tuesday mornings.
    • Provide help in locating supplies and materials for special classroom events.

Ideas for volunteering from home:

    • Help a teacher put together a work or material for the classroom.
    • Make phone calls to arrange in-school field trips.
    • Prepare food for a classroom party or event.
    • Write a blog post for the school’s website on a relevant topic.
    • Assist with putting together a classroom newsletter.
    • Research community events suitable for the school to gain exposure.


Volunteer Sign-Ups for Special Events

We have many special events planned throughout the year. To help alleviate pressure on our teachers and staff, we rely heavily on parent involvement to make these fun events and important fundraisers happen!

To help coordinate parent volunteers, we use Sign-up Genius or online forms. Below are links to current volunteer sign-ups for special school and classroom events.

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Fall Festival

Click here to find out more about our Fall Festival. We will be posting volunteer opportunities for our fall festival very soon![/jbox]

Recording your Volunteer Time

Please remember to record your time using the private portfolio in your MemberHub account as soon as you have completed an activity. Please click here for instructions on how to do this.

Many thanks for investing your valuable time and energy in helping our classrooms and school excel!

Your gifts to The New School enrich our students’ experience, increase

Additional money raised by your fundraising efforts go toward:

  • Extra activities and enhancement programs for our classrooms
  • Building fund and school beautification projects
  • Teacher enrichment programs
  • Scholarship fund

Please check back soon, as this page will have links to our various fundraising programs and events. We will also feature links to several ongoing, passive fundraising initiatives such as the Box Tops for Education and also the Harris Teeter VIC card linking information.

You can support The New School Montessori Center in several ways:


We welcome volunteers for any aspect of school operations. To find out more about volunteer opportunities, please contact us using the volunteer page or via email.


Please consider a donation to the school. Use your credit card to donate via PayPal. It’s safe, secure, and convenient.

Alternatively, you may send a check or money order to our mail address (see below right or the contact page). Be sure to indicate “donation” on your check.

Purchase Merchandise from Amazon

When you purchase from Amazon via links we provide, the school receives a small commission. Shopping this way is exactly the same as your regular Amazon shopping experience and costs the same. Click here to access the School Amazon Store.

Support School Events

Throughout the year, the school holds special events. Our annual Fall Festival celebrates a theme each year. International Night is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in other cultures. These events and others enhance curriculum and help to build our school community. Sponsors, donations, and volunteers for these events are always welcome. Check the school calendar for dates of upcoming events, and please contact the school to help us with the event.

Thank you for your support!