General Information

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Please read below for general 2017 Fall Festival information

Our 2017 Go Galactic Seventh Annual Fall Festival is an afternoon of celebration for our families and the general public. Our focus this year is to celebrate space and space science, and humanity’s accomplishments, focusing on how space discoveries encourage children to explore the world around them and beyond. In particular, this year we are highlighting Maria Montessori’s emphasis on Cosmic Education as a “comprehensive, holistic, and purposeful” approach to learning.

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Date and Time

Date: Friday, Oct 13
Time: 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Entry Fees: $15.00 for adults and children over 2 years old. Children younger than 2 are free.

Location and Parking

We will be holding the festival at the school. Thanks again to our kind neighbor located at 5555 Sunset Lake Road, parking will be nearby. A roped walkway will guide you to the school. We also have a third parking location at Sunrise Methodist Church with a free shuttle to the school. Click “Parking” below for more details. Please do your best to carpool to ensure we have enough parking space.

Food and Drink

Back by popular acclaim, food will be provided by Jonesy’s. For your convenience, you can order directly from their menu. Prices range from $3 for fries to $8 for a BBQ sandwich and drink (credit cards accepted). And for dessert, you can satisfy your sweet tooth at our bake sale!


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Additional information

  • We now accept credit cards for all festival-related purchases and sponsorships. You can use your credit card for both pre-purchased items and at the festival itself!
  • Some festival purchases (entry wristbands and T-shirts) can be ordered in advance for your convenience via our PDF forms. Click to download the forms
  • We offer additional discounts and special offers when you order multiple items.
  • Families who assist the school in securing festival sponsors will get more benefits this year! Click here for more information.

Please check out our Tickets & Order Forms page for more information on how to order your wristbands, festival products, and how to take advantage of our special deals.

Thank you for taking the time to look over this information. We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the Go Galactic Fall Festival.

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