After-School Clubs

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The school offers several fun and engaging after-school clubs and programs for children of all ages. Please make sure to sign up early to ensure a space in these classes as numbers are limited.

Below is a list of our Fall 2017 After-School Clubs

Chess Club

Days: Wednesdays and Fridays

Time: 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Instructors: Jonathan Schroer & David High

Ages: Five and Older

Dates: Ongoing


The New School Montessori Center is proud of its active and successful chess team. Our chess team has demonstrated strong performances both as a group and as individuals.

Coach Jonathan Schroer is an International Chess Master who has held the NC Championship many times over the last 20 years and is now the record holder for the most number of years as NC state champion! Jonathan has taught at many national chess camps and is a highly-sought chess instructor by local schools and tournament players across the Triangle area.

We are very proud of our chess team and will soon have a page dedicated to their many accomplishments and progress. If your child is in our chess club, we encourage you to become a member of the Chess Hub in MemberHub for announcements on upcoming chess tournaments and other news.

Click here for the New School Afterschool Chess Program flier. Please email the school to register for this class.

Fee: Standard after-school rates apply. No extra club fees needed.
To Apply: Apply using the school flyer or email the school at (Place “Enrollment for Chess Club” in the subject line)

Piano Lessons

Days: Flexible

Time: During or after class hours

Instructor: James Catton

Ages: Five and Older

Dates: Ongoing


James Catton, our Music Education Specialist Teacher, is available for private half-hour piano lessons during the school day. James is a qualified music teacher and a Royal College of Music Honours recipient.

Lessons may be held in the afternoon with permission of the classroom teacher or after school (depending on availability). Alternatively, arrangements can be made for home visits if you are seeking private lessons on a regular basis and already have a piano.

All ages from 5-year-olds and upwards can be enrolled, with beginners especially welcomed. Fees and rates available on request. Please visit James’ website for more information: and download the music flyer for more details.

Fee: Private fee. Standard after-school rates apply.
To Apply: Please contact James directly at (Place “Piano Lessons” in the subject line)

The New School Sports & Running Club


Days: Mondays

Time: 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Instructor: Torey Daniels & Ellis Parks

Ages: Five and older

Dates: Starts week of Monday, September 11th and until Monday, November 13th


Students are invited to join Mr. Ellis and Ms. Torey for running club. This activity will improve physical fitness, goal setting, team building, game playing and more. The club is designed to encourage children to push their physical limits in a fun social setting while improving their mental, emotional and physical health. Last year Running Club was again a HUGE success, making it one of the school’s highest-ever attended after-school clubs!

Fee: $100 per child. Standard after-school rates apply.
To Apply: Email Ms. Torey at or Mr. Ellis at (Place “Enrollment for Running Club” in the subject line).
Please make checks payable to Torey Daniels.

Pokemon Club


Days: Thursdays

Time: 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Instructor: Brian Cooper

Ages: Six and Older

Dates: Starts week of September 11th


Test your skills as you battle against other trainers, swap cards to make the perfect deck and acquire badges to show off your Pokemon power! No experience or cards needed. Students will sharpen math, reading, and social skills while engaging in higher thinking in a fun-filled environment.

Fee: $85 per student for the 8-week program. Standard after-school rates apply.
To Apply: Apply using the school flyer or email the school at (Place “Enrollment for Pokemon Club” in the subject line). Please make checks payable to Brian Cooper.

Minecraft Club

Days: Tuesdays

Time: 3:30pm to 4:30pm (LE2 Classroom)

Instructor: Crystal Burdick

Ages: 6 and up

Dates: Starts on September 12th until November 14th


Come join Ms. Crystal for our first ever Minecraft Club!

With our 2017 Summer Minecraft Club being so popular, we’re bringing it to after-school so we can continue the fun. Together, we will explore the ever-popular world of Minecraft through various avenues and activities. Students are welcome, but not required, to bring an electronic device pre-loaded with Minecraft.

Students will learn building basics via game play. Minecraft teaches students practical math skills, engineering concepts, builds collaboration with others, and helps with conflict resolution. This camp is a safe and fun way to learn Minecraft basics, and to also allow those already planning to build on their skills.

Any questions about this new adventure? Feel free to contact Crystal anytime (Email

Fee: $90 per child. Standard after-school rates apply.
To Apply: Apply using the school flyer or email the school at (Place “Enrollment for Minecraft” in the subject line). Please make checks payable to Crystal Burdick.

Children’s House Soccer Club

Days: Wednesdays

Time: 3:30pm to 4:15pm

Instructor: Soccer Shots Staff

Ages: Three to Six

Dates: Starts September 13th until December 6th


Back by popular demand is our young children’s soccer program hosted by Soccer Shots! This club is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development.

The caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, curriculum and communication.

The Soccer Shots coaches are the best trained in the business. Their expert-approved curriculum is age-appropriate and aligns with childhood education standards. In addition, they provide an exceptional customer experience and ongoing communication with parents.

Fee: $144 per child for the 12-week program. Standard after-school rates apply.
To Apply: Please register online at: For additional information, please contact Soccer Shots at 919-699-8442 or email at No special equipment or cleats needed.

Golf Club


Days: Thursdays

Time: 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Instructor: PGA Golf Staff

Ages: Five and older

Dates: Starts September 14th until November 9th


Our after-school golf program is hosted by TGA Premier Junior Golf of West Wake County. This program is for golf only.

Open to all students ages 5 and older, the class will learn all aspects of golf, from swing fundamentals to the game’s rules, etiquette, and character development. Every TGA Class includes group and 1:1 golf instruction, exercise and stretching, character development theme, etiquette and academic lessons. TGA gives students the tools they need to be successful on the golf course, in the classroom, and in life.

Our 5 level program provides a safe and structured educational environment where kids acquire the skills and knowledge needed to play on a golf course and enjoy the game with friends and family. As students advance levels, they build confidence and learn valuable life lessons through the game including respect, honesty, and sportsmanship.

Fee: $129 per child. Standard after-school rates apply.
To Apply: Please register online at: PGA Online Golf Registration

Yoga Club

Days: Tuesdays

Time: 3:30pm to 4:30pm in the MAP room

Instructor: Linda Wellenius

Ages: three to six

Dates: Starts the week of September 11th


Linda will lead a mixed age group through:

  1. A variety of practices focusing on different areas of the body
  2. Breathing exercise
  3. Guided meditation
  4. Lessons on healthy eating and nutrition
  5. Dancing, body movement and yoga poses
  6. Playing with props and more!!
  7. “Get your sillies out!”
  8. Cooperative games
  9. Stretching techniques

Whether you are a beginner or you have been doing yoga regularly, the Yoga Club is the place for you!

Fee: $90 per child for the 10-week program. Standard after-school rates apply.
To Apply: Just leave a check made out to Linda Wellenius with your child’s name in the memo line or email Ms. Linda at (Place “Enrollment for Yoga Club” in the subject line).

Private Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Days: Monday or Wednesday in MAP

Time: TBD with instructor

Instructor: Brian Cooper

Ages: nine and older

Dates: Starts week of September 11th and runs according to schedule with instructor


Typical beginner lessons include picking technique, chord placement and strumming patterns. Students are required to bring their own guitar. Offering private beginning and intermediate guitar lessons. Only six lesson slots are available. Apply today!

Fee: $30 per lesson. Standard after-school rates apply.
To Apply: Please contact Brian Cooper: to set up day/time. (Place “Enrollment for Guitar Lessons” in the subject line).

Amateur Radio Club

Days: Wednesdays

Time: 3:45-4:45pm

Instructor: Nancy Butterfield

Ages: Eight and older

Dates: Starts September 13th until November 15th


Are you ready to join Ms. Nancy on a journey of discovery? Let’s dive into the world of amateur radio and wireless technology together! In this club we will learn more about:

  • Amateur radio basics
  • Making contacts on the radio
  • Beginner electronics
  • Amateur radio technician class exam preparation
  • Antennas
  • Satellites
  • Amateur radio equipment
  • Intro to wireless technology
  • Basic programming and robotics
  • Amateur radio and emergency communications

All club projects are make-and-take!
Fee: $60 per child Standard after-school rates apply.
To Apply: Please email Ms. Nancy at (Place “Enrollment for Radio Club” in the subject line). Make checks payable to: Nancy Butterfield.

Mad Science!

Mad Science logo

Days: Fridays

Time: 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Instructor: Mad Science Instructor

Ages: Three to Six

Dates: Sept 15th to Nov 17th


  • Healthy Choices: Preschoolers will be introduced to basic nutrition in this hands-on workshop. They will discover what makes a healthy meal and why they need to keep eating fruits and vegetables to grow strong!
  • Adventures in Air: Preschoolers will learn that even though air is invisible it is all around them all the time. They will also learn that air has the power to both move items and to slow them down. They will also experiment with a variety of items that rely on the air to help them move.
  • Laser Light: See the laser beam jump, dance, and change shape! Create a laser path with mirrors! Find out what makes lasers different from regular light.
  • Space Frontiers: Take your class on a trip through the solar system and sign them up for the Mad Science Astronaut in training program where they will learn all about the elements of space. Students will even get to take their very own mini rocket home.
  • Digging for Dinos: Dinosaurs are always a huge hit with children, especially preschoolers. They will be introduced to the differences between meat eating and plant eating animals and will have the opportunity to look at some dinosaur teeth up close. They will also work as paleontologists by participating in a mini dinosaur dig that will engage their attention as well as their scientific skills.
  • Shapes and Structures: Children will discover different shapes and structures by using different kinds of equipment like Geoboards and Magnatiles. They will create their own structure to take home using cornstarch based “noodles.”
  • Magnetic Attraction: Experience the poles and power of magnets in this hands on workshop that even provides children with the opportunity to make their own magnet to take home.
  • My Body: Meet Mr. Bones and learn about muscles and body systems.
  • Let’s Measure! Preschoolers will learn the basics of measurement during this workshop when they get to measure all kinds of objects using balance beam scales, bathroom scales and even their own feet! Children will be introduced to the concept of estimation and take home a measuring foot.
  • Matter of Fact: This workshop introduces children to the structure of atoms and molecules. Through a hands-on approach, students will learn and observe the difference between physical and chemical changes. Finally, students experiment with the chemical reactions resulting in the creation of Mad Science Goo®. This lesson provides an opportunity to develop scientific skills through inquiry based instructional methods.

Fee: $90 per child. Standard after-school rates apply.
To Apply: Apply by registering at For more information please contact Mad Science at: 919-858-8988.