Welcome to The New School

On behalf of The New School teachers and staff, I want to take this opportunity to welcome your family to The New School Montessori Center! I am honored you have chosen to entrust our school with your child’s well-being and education.

Our top priority is to provide an engaging, holistic, and individualized program to guide your child in realizing their full academic, cognitive, and social potential. Your active involvement and partnership with the school is a crucial component to helping us achieve this goal. To that end, we very much welcome your participation, questions, and feedback.

Starting at a new school can be challenging, and we plan to make that transition as smooth as possible. To that end, we have assembled the most important information and resources to help orient as you join our community. You will also receive a welcome email from your child’s teachers.

We look forward to providing your child with an exceptional educational foundation.

Once again, welcome to the school!

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Julie Schroer
Head of School

New Family General Information

The following is a brief overview of important links and checklists to ensure a smooth transition to the school. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@montessoricenter.org if you have any questions!

Enrollment Checklist

  • a signed enrollment contract to the school with a deposit
  • all required paperwork

  • allergy or medical paperwork, medication, and medication permission forms (if applicable)


You should receive the following communications and information either prior to or within the first week of school:

  • a welcome email from your child’s teacher
  • an invitation to join MemberHub (a private family portal for school communications)

  • a family door code to enter the building (*Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions)

  • an invitation to access Transparent Classroom (Children’s House through Middle School only)

  • an invitation to Brightwheel

  • a link to enroll in Smart Tuition by Blackbaud

Supplies for Pre-elementary Programs

Supplies for Elementary and MAP Programs

  • If your child is in the Infant / Ones or Toddler Classrooms, please refer to your teacher’s welcome email for a list of what to bring.
  • two changes of clothes (with your child’s first initial and last name marked on each item)
  • an extra change of shoes (one pair should be closed-toed for the playground)
  • a blanket or other comforting article if you child is of napping age (under 5)
  • lunch box (if signed up for sibling or full day program)*
  • snacks for morning and afternoon items **
  • please check your teacher’s welcome email for any additional requested items
  • lunch and snacks for throughout the day (same peanut and tree-nut free policy)
  • closed-toed shoes for outdoor activities
  • change of clothes for physical education or other mishaps
  • please check your teacher’s welcome email to make sure nothing else is required

Important Notes

  1. Please note that due to restrictions related to COVID-19, food will not be refrigerated. Please make sure to pack an ice pack in your child’s lunch box. Also, please remember we are a tree nut and peanut-free school. Based on DCDEE regulations, please make sure to label your child’s lunchbox with the current date each day. We usually suggest masking tape, as it is easy to remove.
  2. Also due to current restrictions, the school will not be serving snack.
  3. As per our current COVID-19 protocols, please strictly limit bringing any supplies to school to only those that are required.

Additional Resources

The following are quick descriptions of some of our resources and communication tools. Additional details can be found in our handbook and on our Parent Portal page.

Parent Handbook

A copy of our most current Parent Handbook can be found at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, families can download a PDF version by clicking on this link.

Door Codes

All families are issued a personalized 4-digit door code. You can share this code with your eligible emergency contacts and people authorized to pick up your child from school. Please note children are not allowed to have or use the door code (with the exception of MAP students authorization to use library door and classroom codes). **Temporarily unavailable due to COVID protocols**

Brightwheel Account

Brightwheel is our attendance tracking system that records your child’s arrival and departure times. We also use Brightwheel to quickly access a list of all students in the building for emergency drills and to determine any additional childcare fees.

Please ensure that you (or your appointed adult) checks your child in and out of school every day using Brightwheel. This is a vital safety feature. It also ensures an accurate billing system for childcare fees. All children who are not signed out using Brightwheel will automatically be signed out at 6:00pm and may incur additional childcare charges.

Student Forms

The forms needed on or before the first day of attendance include the application form, enrollment contract, emergency contact and annual medical update form. Additional forms are required and may be submitted after the first day if necessary. All forms are now digitally submitted using SignNow. Please make sure to allow incoming emails from this service, as occasionally, they may be captured by spam filters.

Please consult the office to check on deadlines for form submissions. If you are missing any forms, please contact the school to request a link to the form.

MemberHub Account

Each family is provided with a password-protected MemberHub account for school and classroom communications. This service provides parents with notifications (forwarded to emails), individual class and school-wide calendars, student birthday lists, online photo albums, and hubs for committees and clubs. Please note the school does not have access to your MemberHub password.

Transparent Classroom

This program provides teachers, families and administration a private and centralized location to share details about each child’s academic and developmental progress (for students enrolled in Children’s House through Middle School). Teachers use Transparent Classroom to record lessons presented, mastering of concepts, and to post photographs of your child’s activities.

School Calendars

Our school community enjoys a variety of events and activities throughout the year. For your convenience, you can view and subscribe to our calendar of events via our website.

We also have a Calendar at a Glance reference for a brief overview of closings, early releases, and main events. Individual classroom events, such as field trips and special activities, will be listed on the calendar of your MemberHub account.

Smart Tuition Billing Portal

You should received a link to enroll in Smart Tuition that provides invoicing services. This portal provides access to invoices and payments received in addition to the ability for parents to download and print statements of their accounts. Parents are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the automatic drafting (ACH) feature in Smart Tuition.

Family Folders

In addition to online newsletters and emails, we also distribute information via parent folders. Folders are distributed every Wednesday (or Tuesday for students with 2-day schedules). Please make sure to pick up your folders each week, then return them to the baskets near the folder cart by Friday for them to be refilled.

For elementary and middle school students who use afternoon carpool, your folders should be brought to you on Wednesdays by your child. **Temporarily unavailable due to COVID protocols**

School Communication

If you have general questions or requests, please use the info@montessoricenter.org email. For all billing questions, please email billing@montessoricenter.org.

Our administration, teachers, and staff strive to answer all emails within two business days. However, during busy times of the year, response times may be slightly longer. Should you not receive a timely answer to an email, please forward your original email to info@montessoricenter.org.

Parent Handbook and Additional Information

Parent Handbook

Montessori Handbook

NC Childcare Laws

AMS Code of Ethics