Specialty Teachers & After-School Staff

Specialty Teachers & After-School Staff 2017-09-05T15:29:27+00:00

Andrea Edery, Foreign Language Director

James Catton, Elementary and Middle School Music Director

Karishma Kothari, Art Teacher

Jean Gray Mohs, Art Teacher

Michelle McElroy, Art Teacher

Jonathan Schroer, Chess Instructor

David High, Chess Instructor

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Savannah Sanderson, Physical Education and Health Teacher

Khaoula Hourani, French Teacher

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Christina Catton, Dramatic Performance Teacher

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Vicci Stremmel, Sign Language Teacher

Rachel Woods, Environmental Science Program

After-School Program and Support Staff

Clara McFarland, After-School Coordinator for Elementary and Middle School

Ashley Fisher, After-School Coordinator for Toddlers and Children’s House

Beulah Wiggins

Deborah Cooper, Classroom Assistant

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Savannah Sanderson

Jessica Sippel

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Mary Frazier

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Neena Ramchander