Specialty Teachers & After-School Staff 2020-03-06T13:52:51-05:00

Andrea Lutri

Foreign Language Director
Email: andrea@montessoricenter.org


James Catton

Upper Elementary and Middle School Music Director
Email: jamescatton3@yahoo.com


Jonathan Schroer

Chess Instructor
Email: jon@montessoricenter.org


David High

Chess Instructor
Email: david@montessoricenter.org


Robyn Smart

Art Teacher
Email: robyn@montessoricenter.org


Rachel Woods

Environmental Science Program
Email: info@montessoricenter.org


Jessica Sippel

Physical Education Teacher | After-School Staff
Email: jessica@montessoricenter.org


Brian Cooper

Children’s House and LE Music and Movement
Email: info@montessoricenter.org


The New School Montessori Center

Kari Campbell

After-School Coordinator (Elementary and MAP) | Communications Specialist
Email: kari@montessoricenter.org


Michelle Little

After-School Coordinator (Infants to 6 years)| Montessori Certified Teacher
Email address: michelle@montessoricenter.org


Savannah Sanderson

After-School Staff | Health Education
Email: savannah@montessoricenter.org


Beulah Wiggins

After-School Staff
Email address: info@montessoricenter.org


Linda Overton

After-School Staff
Email address: info@montessoricenter.org


Jake Scheidt

After-School Assistant


Kadie Kochis

After-School Assistant


Megan LaCasse

After-School Assistant


Elizabeth Butterfield

After-School Assistant


The New School Montessori Center

Anastasia Jacobson

After-School Assistant


Joshua Jackson

After-School Assistant
Email: info@montessoricenter.org

Modified Schedule

In response to health concerns caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the school is temporarily closed.

Our anticipated opening date is May 18. Please visit the headings below for more information.

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Prospective Families
We are currently offering tours via phone and Zoom conference. Please email us at info@montessoricenter.org or call (919) 303-3636 between 9am and 1pm to arrange a time!

We look forward to seeing everyone in person soon!

The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, “The children are working as if I did not exist.” – Dr. Maria Montessori