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Lower and Upper Elementary

To access our lower and upper elementary teachers’ biographies, click on the “Learn more about” link, then click on the “Show less” link to hide the information.

Lower Elementary One

Anna Rook

Montessori Certified Teacher
Email address: anna@montessoricenter.org


Ryan Shands

Montessori Certified Teacher
Email address: ryan@montessoricenter.org


Lower Elementary Two

The New School Montessori Center

Laurel Leavesley

Montessori Certified Teacher
Email: laurel@montessoricenter.org


Nancy Faber

Montessori Certified Teacher
Email: nancyf@montessoricenter.org


Hank Faber

Montessori Certified Teacher
Email: hank@montessoricenter.org


Crystal Burdick

Support Teacher
Email: crystal@montessoricenter.org


Krista Tsigalnitsky

Support Teacher
Email: info@montessoricenter.org


Upper Elementary

Sheldon Clark

Montessori Certified Teacher | Upper Elementary Coordinator
Email: sheldon@montessoricenter.org


Nancy Butterfield

Montessori Certified Teacher
Email: nancyb@montessoricenter.org


Lisa Jahn

Montessori Certified Teacher
Email: lisa@montessoricenter.org


Art Pierce

History and Social Studies Teacher
Email address: art@montessoricenter.org


Nicole Seward

Math and Science Teacher
Email address: nicole@montessoricenter.org


Alli Mapes

Classroom Support
Email address: alli@montessoricenter.org


Modified Schedule

In response to health concerns caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the school is temporarily closed.

Our anticipated opening date is May 18. Please visit the headings below for more information.

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Prospective Families
We are currently offering tours via phone and Zoom conference. Please email us at info@montessoricenter.org or call (919) 303-3636 between 9am and 1pm to arrange a time!

We look forward to seeing everyone in person soon!

The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, “The children are working as if I did not exist.” – Dr. Maria Montessori