Lower & Upper Elementary Faculty

Lower & Upper Elementary Faculty 2018-04-07T20:16:28+00:00

To access our lower and upper elementary teachers’ biographies, click on the “Learn more about” link, then click on the “Show less” link to hide the information.

Lower Elementary One

Lisa Jahn, Certified Teacher (AMS & NAMC)

Janell Estrada, Montessori Intern (AMS)

Anna Rook, Montessori Intern (AMS)

Lower Elementary Two

Nancy Faber, Certified Teacher (AMS)

Hank Faber, Certified Teacher (AMS)

Anne Watkins, Certified Teacher (AMS)

Crystal Burdick, Support Teacher

Upper Elementary

Robyn Wells, Certified Teacher (AMS)

Nancy Butterfield, Montessori Intern

Jean Gray Mohs, Teacher and Art Coordinator

Additional Faculty

Learn more about Ms. Lina

Niki Cooper, Student Enhancement Instructor